About Tajpur

The mesmerizing and magical sea-beach of Tajpur is situated in the middle of Digha and Mandarmoni. This less crowded sea roaring tourist haven is growing rapidly to become a phenomenal attraction in the tourist map of West Bengal. With a distance of about 175 kms from Kolkata, it is the closest verdant retreat from the state capital. An estuarine phase of Bay of Bengal lies in the east of this sea-beach, endless blue waters of Bay of Bengal washes the southern part and the northern part is surrounded by a vast water body, which makes the place almost look like an island. The south-east part of Purba Medinipur creates a unique bio-climatic sea coast with its typical geographical situation. The spot is predominantly a fishermen’s village  surrounded by the bio- diversity of mangrove plants and enriched by the presence of dense casuarinas forest, twittering of various birds, lagoon, fishing harbor, salt industry and habitats of coastal lives. The place is of immense scientific, anthropological, archaeological and seascaping interests which enthralls people beyond all limits. The place is a perfect destination to get oneself rejuvenated being one with the nature. A lazy walk by the sea-shore, cool dips in the water, the red crabs coming out of their hiding places, the sunrise and the sunset – all sums up to enchant a tourist. The picturesque landscape seems to come straight off an artist’s easel which steals away the heart of a visitor.

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